Chicago Skype Link Up

My Class linked up with a Storm chaser in Chicago called David. He told us about Tornadoes and there cloud types show which way the storm is heading.                                                                             Capture

Police Force


Our state

Licenced and

In uniform

Criminals watch out

Enemies beware



On hand

Racing the streets

Capable of anything

Everyone is safe





All aboard this great big ship

I hope you enjoy this amazing trip,

Start the engine, off we go

Having fun, but here’s the snow,

After dinner we go to the dance

Then put on a coat and quickly enhance,

People playing brass

Up in first class,

Then there’s a bang

And everyone sang,

Down goes the ship

It’s starting to tip.

Everyone ran on the deck with a burst

Crew screaming women and children first

Unfortunately 1,517 died

But 706 people survived.

Took the lives of 1,347 men

And only 103 women.

R.I.P to all those who lost their lives.


Remembrance Day

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we will remember those who served for our country. the date was set when world war 1 ended and back then it was called Armistance day. They belived that that was the end of all wars until world war 2 started and that was when the named changed to remembrance day. World War 1 30 million lives were taken world wide and 60 thousand Australians died.

Wearing a poppy on this day is a sign of rspect, the poppy is red because of the blood of all those in the war and poppys grow today in flanders field. We remember those who have served and those who are fighting for our country right now.